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We buy & sell a wide assortment of antique, restored, and salvaged bars for your home or business needs, spanning from the late 18th to mid 20th century.

These bars are also available to rent – for events and as props.

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We also deal in urban artifacts and items of historical interest.

Contact us if you do not see what you are looking for – if we don’t already have it, we’ll be glad to assist you in obtaining what you need.

Over thirty years of creative salvaging, memorabilia and collectibles on sale! 

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  • Marble Bar

    Marble Bar

    (16’) 1870 – This is a very early victorian bar.  Bars like these weren’t made until the 1890’s.  Decorative elements are all hand-carved.  Panels are raised. All brass fittings and rail.  Evertyhing is original and perfectly restored.

  • Jersey Bar

    Jersey Bar

    27′ long front bar, the back bar is 16′ long and 10′ tall from ground. All solid wood. No lower back bar cabinets. (Were stainless refrigeration). Front bar top is one piece of wood. Had a separated 4″ diameter upper bar rail at one time which is no longer there. Can be turned out of […]

  • Carved Bar

    Carved Bar

    20′ front and 12′ back. Real Victorian, hand-carved 19th Century.                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • Manhattan Bar

    Manhattan Bar

    Real “Zinc” French Pewter bars.  Two front bars (27’, 21’) and one Back Bar (11’).  Also includes several room dividers with comfortable settees and 8’ complete wait staff stand.

  • Lauras Bar

    Lauras Bar

    18’ Beautiful hand-carved Wood. Front and Back. Was used as prop on the set of a popular TV show.  Outstanding details.

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